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Friday, 23 March 2012


21-year-old Emma Watson is best known for her decade-long run as the character of Hermione Granger in the multi-million dollar film saga, Harry Potter. Her influence in the fashion world has only come to the fore in the last few years, but her status as a style icon is quickly being cemented.

Emma Watson in Marie Claire
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Cast at age nine in one of the most coveted roles in film history with no professional acting experience to speak of, Watson was clearly someone to watch. Growing up in front of the cameras, she was soon fronting Burberry campaigns, modelling collections for People Tree and Alberta Ferretti – both of which she helped to design – and gracing magazine covers all over the world, including Teen Vogue at just 15. She even earned a place at top Ivy League college, Brown, in the United States to study literature as she wrapped up her time on the Potter set.

Emma modelling for Teen Vogue
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The down-to-earth star is now balancing her year abroad studies at Oxford University with her soaring acting career. In March of 2011, the leading lady became the face of French cosmetics brand Lancôme, following in the footsteps of renowned actresses Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway.

She is the youngest woman to ever front a campaign for the brand. Lancôme’s president, Youcef Nabi, said that the team was thrilled to have her on board: “Thanks to her charm, romanticism and her incredible modernity, Emma Watson has become the icon of her generation. We are delighted by this new collaboration with Emma, who brings a fresh spirit to Lancôme.”

Emma Watson at Oxford
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Her first campaign was for a new perfume called Trésor Midnight Rose. Last month, British beauty launched her new makeup range of Rouge in Love lipsticks and Vernis in Love nail polish in Oxford Street’s Selfridges. The lipsticks last for up to six hours and are noted for their hydrating quality. They were “probably the product[s] I was most excited about when I came on board,” Watson said. “I actually chose the colour that I wore in the [promotional] shoot, which is a really bright red.”

Emma Watson: Lancôme Rouge in Love Campaign
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At the unveiling, the actress spoke about why she chose to work with the beauty giant. “I’ve always loved Lancôme as a brand. It’s based in the [city where] I was born, which is Paris, France. It’s very classic but also very modern. It’s always on the edge of technology, [with] new developments and new discoveries, but it has this kind of eternal elegance and beauty. It’s just a brand that I really identified with.”

When asked how involved she was in the collection, she replied: “Luckily for me, I’m someone who loves makeup. Lancôme have been very collaborative with me on all the projects that I’ve done and, in particular, this one. I’ve made no secret of the fact that [the lipstick] is actually my favourite product that we’ve done together.” She raved about the creation, describing it as “a beautiful thing in itself, other than the fact that it’s a gorgeous piece of makeup. The actual casing is just beautiful and it’s the kind of thing that you want to carry around for your life. […] It’s a naturally beautiful object." 

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Of the 24 lipstick hues, Watson mentioned her favourite shades for daytime are the soft pinks of Corail in Love and Rose Boudoir. In the evening, she turns to a sheer red called Miss Coquelicot. Each lipstick retails at £21. The nail varnish is £12 per bottle, coming in a variety of striking nude to bright tones. The bright colours of the range are perfect for spring.

Speaking to Selfridge’s Buying Director, David Walker Smith, she smiled: “Oh, I’ve always loved makeup, even more than clothes. It has such a transformative nature. [If you] wake up feeling a bit grey and tired, [then] you can put it on and just feel completely different about yourself and about your day.”

Emma Watson speaking at her Lancôme makeup launch, February 2012
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The range is available at all good beauty outlets nationwide.

First published by Sin Newspaper, Volume 13 Issue 11.

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